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RECIPE FOR MARKETING PART 6 (Synergy and Dysergy effect in Marketing) -Bhagvad Gita

Interpretation by Umeshkumar from verses from Brihat Jatak & Bhagvad Gita -mainly Chapter 18

Strategy is a military term, the word strategy originated from Greek word strategos which means army.

Whether you are a small business hardly making ends meet or a billionaire rolling in wealth, one thing both will have in common is “Fear” -Both will face a “bad situation” in one way or the other. We have to face it. Only by doing this the fear sitting in our mind will end and once the fear is removed then the person can successfully overcome any situation. This is the first lesson Shri Krishna given to Pandavas

Vedas instruct us to invoke energies of SUN through SURYA NAMASKARS .The Sun stands for INDESTRUCTIBLE and STEADFAST. The Manager needs to be honest, dedicated and unbeatable. If the manager has no sufficient strength of shadbala ( for Sun )then he will be like learning swimming by reading a book. He will hardly able to implement the strategy

Sun in UPACHAYA position at Birth is encouraging sign in horoscope for becoming a business strategist.

Chant “ OM HRAM HRIM HROM SAHA SURYAYA NAMAH” .Ruby Gem can be worn after checking the individual horoscope carefully. Sun and Medication has a positive connotation. Giving medicines to needy-poor will invoke blessings from Sun

Basic Points in developing a planning (strategy)

1)The planning should be good for you and also to others.

2)You might face infighting with in your own team or outside, sometimes you have to remain unkind to be kind to destroy evil

3)Establish and strengthen your strategy without ignoring your Dharma




As explained elsewhere by Shri Krishna

1)Tactics compose Strategy

2)Strategy compose Goal

3)Engage your mind on Devotion and simultaneously engage in your Duty as a Warrior.



Organisation and or its resources might sound large but leader is most important than organisation. When Sri Krishna asked Arjuna and Duryodhana to choose between him and his army the choice was in fact between leader or his resources.

A good leader can gain from limited resources , bad leader will bring huge loss to the company even with vast resources.

Pandavas and Kauravas had armies and resources in the ratio 7:11 so it was clear that Kauravas had more resources and fighting with a bigger army was not an easy task.

Sri Krishna asked pandavas and kauravas to choose him and his complete army .Since he alone was capable of destroying the world, leave alone the opponent, he would not raise arms and play an non-combatant role.

Arjuna choose to have Krishna and Duryodhana was happy to have gained his mighty army.

Arjuna requested Sri Krishna not only to lead the entire Pandavas, but to personally lead him, guide him by accepting to be his charioteer and lead him to success.

Working together with master strategist Sri Krishna was a Synergy effect for Pandavas . That means 2+2 =5 effect in Marketing. This is positive energy and effective in marketing

Kauravas resources was higher but their strategy was in dysergy effect. That means 2+2=3 effect in Marketing. It is negative energy, opposite of synergy .


1)Tactics compose Strategy

2)Strategy compose Goal

3)Engage your mind on Devotion to him ( Krishna) and simultaneously engage in your Duty as a Warrior. There will be synergy effect all through your business/organisation . Be Unique, Be Steadfast,honest,dedicated,committed, dependable, reliable,loyal and of course beautiful…….And Krishna in you will make you a person attracted to every one.You will be a Catalyst energizing others in to action. You will be a friend and foe ( remain unkind to be kind to destroy evil) with out being involved in friendship or enmity.



Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya* Namo Buddhaya* Brahma Shakthi Satyam Jagath Satyam


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