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(ASTROLOGY IN VEDAS COMBINED WITH PSYCHOLOGY based article) At the first place, as per extracts from REMEDIAL MEAURES IN ASTROLOGY, one has to chant following Mantra “Om aim Hrim Hanumathe Ramadutaaya Namaha “ 108 TIMES DAILY AFTER BATH as per the text book. You can do this during your workout- workouts are good to build confidence and strong attractive body ,shinning skin, and also a good remedy for anxiety. Mantras will be a helping hand for you in distress, when there are no body to help you. It is invisible energy from unmanifest-

Other Two Elements are , VISUALIZE and CATASTROPHIZE. People who had suffered Panic Attacks and now undergoing normal life.. Or who are in to the different level of anxiety, depressions, panic attack now , please follow this process, the result will be beneficial to you. You will feel like flying like a bird in your dreams-free spirit.

Just like Milk and Sugar make a complete drink. We need always need a TWO. Both the two elements are important in this process.

First Element is “VISUALIZE”” : Just write down if you success in your attempt ( as per your circumstances) what effect it will have on you. See how it will effect you. Think always the end results will be Good. What other things will come in to your life, if you success in this attempt. Clarify what your success looks like.

Second Element is ” CATASTROPHIZE” : Write down the worst possible case/out come, that could happen . How will you react them ? Write down-What could go wrong . And what sort of Mitigation you could put in place if those things started to go wrong. Don’t fear to clarify. Fearing to clarify is much more scary. So write down what is the worst possible case. How bad it could go…Be clear about your fears and what worst it can do in your life .

Both the Astro Method ( Mantra Chanting ) and the Two Element process described above will make you really love the warrior pose.

Love you! Best wishes.



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