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Jyothish ( Astrology)is one of the six limbs of vedas and considered the eyes of the human system. According to vedic view, it enable us to see what vedas want us to see-ie spiritual growth(not predictive event alone). Conversely most astrologers are in to capitalistic world. They are completely ignorant about ultimate reality,Upanishads knowledge, and quantum dynamics-which are all Jagath Satyam-essential wisdom to be learned. We cannot ignore science or physics. We cannot ignore vedas as well. They may go parallel in opposite directions sometimes, and we have to bring it closer as far as possible. They are both emerged on Brahman.

Predictive astrology is not to be underestimated. But when you go in to higher level of consciousness, then it may lack in importance.When you realized you are a drop of water and the ultimate reality is to merge in to ocean ,and also to help other water droplets to merge in ocean, then it becomes SAT-CHIT-ANANADA(EXISTENCE CONSCIOUSNESS BLISS) -then astrology predictions will not have any impact on you. If you own a Private jet, will you ever look on Maruthi car sales offers??? Absolutely No !

Prayers ( Bhakthi) –Sadana Bhakthi- is selfishness. You need something and for that something you pray GOD. You will remain different from God. You can never become his soul and he can never become your soul unless you convert your Bhakthi to PREMA BHAKTHI-if you want boundless ecstasy with him. It is the state of Self transcedence. You lose yourself in Krishna.You will be Krishna’s atma and krishna will be your atma. You need nothing other than being oneness with him. ( Selfless love)

The entire planets are demi gods and you are also a demi god. The consciousness of the demi gods and yours are also operating beyond space and time and the absolute reality is you can help each other attaining the mergence with Supreme Lord. Imagine you are under Rahu dasa and have you ever asked Rahu deva how can you help him in attaining his goal on merging with supreme being. No. We don’t do that. We always worship demi gods to help us, bless us and protect us , that is our selfishness ( sadana bhakthi).

You need to ask Rahu deva, whether he needs any help from you, or how can you help him during his dasa in attaining mergence with Brahma Shakthi etc. Rahu is carving and chasing to reach God. You can help him through your love ( Prema Bhakthi) and in your prayers with Shakthi. When he knows you loves him, cares him and worship for him in your prayers to Shakthi,he starts diverting his carving towards you in higher form of consciousness. No body can stop Rahu. He represents immense desire, carving etc. That is why most astrologers and people fear Rahu. He brings disaster. I know many businessmen who became almost pauper during end of Rahu dasa. Some one got heart attack end of rahu dasa. This is because of carvings and desire for unwanted things, worldly matters ,food ,etc. And finally gives lot of problems. But when you have prema bhakthi , you are loving Rahu and helping him in achieving his goals instead of seeking his blessings . When you do this you are invoking Shakthi . Rahu will divert his Carvings in you in to higher consciousness planes such as on wisdom,learning, brahma vidhya etc . In other words no body can stop his carvings or immense desire, but it will influence carvings/immense desire on you in higher consciousness levels, which becomes a blessing for you.

There is only one thing that separate us from boundless ecstasy from God is our MIND-EGO-WILL. These are inter connected. As long as we have ego, we have will as different from the universal will. As long as we have will, we have ego that separate us from the universal being. And as long as we have will and ego, we have mind too, and conversely as long as we have a mind-we have an ego and will. When you have no mind ( Detached attachment is no mind approach) then there is no ego and no will. Then the universal self becomes yourself and the universal will becomes our will. This is the state of self transcendence.





The above sloka is from puranas ,lord krishna speaking to arjuna.

Arjuna wanted to enjoy boundless ecstasy with Krishna being his best friend, that even Brahma and Shiva could not know. Only Krishna can give ecstasy, he is special God . Krishna is playful. Krishna is only love and love. Krishna instructs Arjuna to worship with great devotion Goddess Tripurasundhari( Shakthi) and to surrender to her and make his request to her to transform him to FEMALE. Krishna tells him, he cannot give him those experiences except through her.And Arjuna becomes a a very beautiful women with the directions followed by Shakthi.

To be able to be one with Krishna you have to be a woman, in the spiritual sense, is to be receptive, to be empty, to be open,not to resist,not to have an individual will and instead surrender to the universal will, float with it.


This sloka is also from puranas , it says that spiritual bliss is equal to erotic love-in the language of sexual union-and any erotic language will fail to express the feelings of ecstasy with Krishna. -It can only give a glimpse on words. Isopanishad also accepts this ( separate article will follow with my interpretation on the sloka described there).


Bhakthi( Sadana Bhakthi) `is a useless strategy to uplift consciousness or to lose yourself in God. Through Bhakthi, you may get even flesh from Right arm of Krishna , but You and Krishna will always be separate. To remain oneness with Krishna and lose yourself in him -you need Prema Bhakthi ( Selfless strategy-You need nothing from God except his oneness)and enjoy the boundless ecstasy of him, surrender to Shakthi through which you transform to female ( i mean in spiritual sense)- Feminine stands for surrender,acceptance, emptiness and receptivity. When we achieve it our Trueself take over us. As per Purana, trueself is Krishna- who is also our eternal beloved. Shakthi and Krishna are interconnected. Only through Shakthi you can transform yourself and be one with Krishna. Ajuna saw Krishna in Shakthi ,because krishna is a combination of vishnu, narayana and krishna-purna avatar.This is how Krishna transformed Arjuna ( Extracts from Padma Purana)

Lord Jesus Christ : The Saviour taught His disciples ” For whosoever will save his life shall lose it,but whosover will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it ( Luke 9:24). I believe the Saviour is telling us exactly Prema Bhakthi described in Padma Purana

Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya* Namo Buddhaya * Brahma Shakthi Satyam-Jagath Satyam


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