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Saturn aspecting Sun : Usually it is said to be bad when considering at one;s father’s health/longevity etc. But when we talk about Administration powers,regretably I’m not able to say Saturn Sun aspect is totally futile and bad.

If Saturn is in Jupiter’s sign and aspecting Sun, it will bestow the native administration abilities. If such a Saturn also becomes a Rajayogakaraka ( lord of Kendra and lord of Trikona) then it become icing on cake. Yogakaraka Saturn will be only helping Rajyakaraka Sun to obtain very high position in government administration. But one condition remember that : Saturn must aspect only the Sun. It should not look at other planets such as Mars etc.

Case study 1 : In the case of Hilter’s horocope, Saturn aspects Sun. This conferred him immense power and to become leader of Nazi party and to rule germany 1933 to 1945. But Saturn was also aspecting Mars in this horoscope. This indicates final fall of Hitler was inevitable.

Case study 2: In the horoscope of Queen Victoria, saturn is only aspecting sun. She remained queen of UK and ireland from 20 june 1837 until her death in 1901

Remember that : The whole word is out of our control. First of all you need to realize that. The world that you live here and around you is out of your control. People, situations, experiences, sales and marketing, and other people’s opinions … all the thing are out of your control. So Is that true? Yes. For instance when you talk to people, can you control people according to all your wishes that you have ? No. Can you control the situation that you will face in the future? No. You don’t know about that. Can you control the experiences that you will face in the future ? You cannot do that . Then why astrology?? . Listen, when Sage Parashara or Sage Madhavacharya wrote something , that is unquestionable. The human brains cannot apprehend it. It is just like demonstrating your laptop/or your latest iphone to your dog.What a dog can understand it, what ever training you provide, the brain of a dog is incapable for it.

Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya * Namo Budhhaya

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