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Retrograde motion means backward motion.

All planets move forward only. So backward motion is an optical illusion. Yes, you heard that right! Picture two cars on the highway going in the same direction in different lanes. If one car is driving faster than the other, the slower car will appear to go backward from the perspective of a person in the faster car, even though, the slower car still going pretty fast in the same direction.

Saturn is very eccentric planet. It is the 2nd largest planet in our solar system, but it is lighter than water.(because it is composed of lightest gases hydrogen and helium) It is the only planet lighter than water in our solar system. That means if you could place the planet Saturn in water, it would float. None of the other planets in our solar system can float in water because they have higher density than water.

In astrology, retrograde motion means it moves Westward-Note that it is only an apparent motion.Retrograde Saturn Mahadasa is also eccentric. This can bring a native to the political map of the country ( Prime minister/President/Chief Minister/Minister etc) and also kill him/or cause sudden death during the same Mahadasa. That being said, Saturn will be a Yogakaraka too when retrograde.

All planets in Retrogression such as Mars, Mercury,Venus,Jupiter and Saturn will become extremely powerful if it is not combust, even if it is inimical or in debilitated sign it will give notably good results during its Mahadasa. However if it is exalted then the efficacy of being in exaltation sign will be destroyed considerably.

  • As a general rule of thumb, if a Malefic Planet is Retrograde, it becomes atrocious. If a Benefic planet becomes in Retrogression, it becomes excellent.

  • If Planet Saturn is in Eastern side of the zodiac ( Aries to Virgo), then it becomes powerless whereas in Western side it becomes powerful.

If Planets Jupiter or Mercury is in Western side of the zodiac ( Libra to Pisces) then it becomes powerless, whereas in Eastern side it becomes powerful.

When a planet is in Retrograde and depending on its position in East or West in Zodiac, it becomes more powerful or powerless .

If Saturn is in Eastern Side and is Retrograde, it becomes utterly powerless.

If Jupiter is in Eastern side and is Retrograde, it becomes extremely powerful.

When Saturn is in Lagna and in Eastern side of the zodiac and is also retrograde, it is havoc. It will reduce the Longevity of the native. The reason because 1st house is body and health. And a malefic retrograde planet gives bad results.

Even a single planet though debilitated or detrimental, if occupying a good house, own sign or friendly sign and is retrograde at birth chart, and not combust, raises high the native’s status. Should there be two or three such retrograde planets in a birth chart, the native certainly attain a very high rank and position in life. Position of Retrograde Planets in a birth chart is a boon in disguise. They usually confer notable results during Mahadasa of such retrograde planets.

The Birth Chart of our Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi is given below

Leo-Saturn ,Venus; Virgo-Mercury(Retrograde), Sun and Ketu; Scorpio-Ascendant,Moon&Mars; Aquarius-Jupiter(Retrograde);Pisces-Rahu. BIRTH CHART OF SHRI NARENDRA MODI

So there are 2 Retrograde planets viz Retrograde Mercury and Retrograde Jupiter that helped him to become the world’s most powerful leader.

The Retrograde Jupiter is aspecting Saturn. He became Chief Minister in Gujarath in 2001 during the Mahadasa of Venus and Antardasa of Saturn.
The Retrograde Mercury is aspecting Rahu. He became Prime Minister of our country INDIA in 2014 during the Mahadasa of Moon and Antardasa of Rahu.
Mark the aspect of Retrograde planet to the Mahadasa Planet in both the cases.

Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya*Namo Buddhaya*Brahma Shakthi Satyam Jagath Satyam

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