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SELF CONFIDENCE (SHRADDHA) -as per ancient wisdom and positive psychology

1) Achieving my desire is my responsibility

2) Quality of my work is my responsibility

3) Quality of my communication is my responsibility

4) Quality of my time is my responsibility

5) Quality of my value is my responsibility

6) Quality of my behaviour is my responsibility

7) Quality of my happiness is my responsibly

Mantras and Slokas, Meditation -all information is not just to put in to your brain and runs riot there, undigested all your life. We must have self-building, man making, character making assimilation of ideas. If you have assimilated seven ideas and made them your life and character, you have more educated than any man who has got by heart a whole library of mantra.

It is only by doing good to others that one attains to one’s own good and it is by leading others to Bhakti and Mukthi that one attain them oneself

1) Achieving my desire is my responsibility: Without desires you cannot live. You cannot survive. So what do you do with desire? You have to monitor your desire. Unmonitored desire becomes lust, greed and avarice.

2) Quality of my work is my responsibility: 5.01 is not 5.00. Monday alone is Monday. Respect punctuality. Excellence is self-explanatory. When there is excellence explanations are not required. When explanations are required, rarely do you find excellence. Lack of excellence should hurt. That which hurts should instructs. That which instructs should create. Get created. Create Excellence. Let your work speak for you. You don’t speak for it.

3) Quality of my communication is my responsibility: Communication is life line relationships. Success is all about leadership-you will either led or will be lead. It is good to get an idea but it is equally important to get it from one person to another.

4) Quality of my time is my responsibility: The value of 1 USD is 1 USD. But the value of 1 hour depends on who use that one hour. Difference between Albert Einstein, Swami Vivekananda, Mother Theresa and you is that we all have same 24 hours. But difference is what you and they did for the 24 hours. You cannot say he /she wasted my time. No. You can’t say that. Time is your responsibility

5)Quality of my value is my responsibility: Value is about detailed excellence in areas that others might not even notice. A flower is a flower with or with out fragrance, yet the presence of the fragrance makes all the difference. So be a fragrance. That should be our value. Show your complete dedication in your work. Don’t say that I am forced to tell the truth. Do it with dedication. Let it be straight. If you love, do that with complete dedication. Don’t love for your happiness. Love for his/her happiness.

6) Quality of behaviour is my responsibility: I want to live as I am … No... That is not the way. Instead of accepting yourself as you are and expecting the world to change accept the world as it is and you start changing yourself towards the world.

7)Quality of my happiness is my responsibility: No body can make you unhappy unless you agreed to it. Unhappiness or Happiness is in your mind. No matter what others do to you. How you react to it determines whether you will be happy or unhappy. You cannot say that he/she made you stressed /unhappy. No. Happiness is your responsibility.


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