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SELF CONFIDENCE ( Self Efficacy)

Even if it's your coveted BMW or Mercedes Benz, if you apply Brake and Clutch together -it will not move forward. Will the vehicle move? No.

You may have all the talent, but if you don't have self confidence you will be like Couch Potato.

What is the first component of self confidence-Self Efficacy!

Your ability to face the first sign of trouble.

"Let me try. I can do it" is self efficacy.

In astrological perspective, 1st House of the natal astrological chart is the paramount factor to be analysed.

3rd house and Planet Mercury is also equally important

If planet Mercury is super strong in your birth chart, your confidence level will be very high.

Your EQ and IQ also will be sky high.

You will look more charming too,

Even your skin will be supple and soft. This further raises your confidence level.

If one's self confidence level is too low, astrological remedies are:

Planetary Gems and depending on planetary strength in your birth chart, astrological remedies may be prescribed.

Remedies from Upanishads are equally powerful .So I will give you what you want( self confidence) so that you will want what I want to give you ( upanishad remedies- will follow in one of my next article.Stay tuned)

We need not to compare astrology vs upanishad

Both are part of vedas.

Maharishis like Parasara, Madhvacharya etc are very powerful rishis who contributed astrology. So the power of astrology should not be underestimated.

Upnaishads are like fire in sun - to make you more powerful in your speech, concentration, dedication,self confidence etc. and you can experience planetary entanglement..( this is vast topic, will be covered latter)

Upanishads good for corrective actions /preventive actions

and Astrology used for art of prediction.


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