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If you want to sell a product, sell the category first and create an emotional buying impact in customer’s mind. Perception of mind is a reality and we most probably buy things based on perception of mind. For example, you buy a soap, not just based on its effectiveness in cleaning , the advertisements, package all creates an impact in your mind.


For instance, suppose you have to travel to Bangalore City, India from Cochin, India, and you don’t have a car, and booked a Bus Ticket. What enjoyment you have. You are being transported like cows/animal from one place to another. No wash room facility in Indian Bus. You would drink no water or little water and or eat little food to control your excretory system.

Imagine you are introducing your customer about having an own car and the freedom it gives in travel.

Or Think about flight journey. You don’t have even a sufficient space to sit in economic class. Long queue in customs and immigration clearance, baggage checking.

If you selling Private Jet, introduce the category and freedom you win in travelling in private jet. Focus on category, not on the model of private jet you are selling. The customs and immigration will be done at your seat in your aircraft. Tell about this convenience, freedom etc to the customers if they have private jet. Do not sell the model of your jet directly. Sell the category first.

Even for astrology, astrologer has to sell the category-for example- different results of planets in different longitudes and the preventive methods to overcome obstacles and to boost self confidence and attract good luck. Forewarned is Forearmed. Interested clients will then approach astrology.

Everything is GOD in Vedanta. Likewise, Everything Everywhere all is Selling in Material world reality

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