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In modern definition SELLING : Selling is not about selling. It is all about influencing a customer to buy. And in selling mainly two people are involved. Buyer is person and seller is another person. So personal branding plays a cardinal role in this process. Branding is not an event. It is a process. So it will take time. Intially when you introduce a brand, it will take some time to be recognized. In modern physics, just like two negatively charged electrons will get ultimately fall in love and will get paired up ( yes, with opposite spins),Branding is also a thought process. And everything is interconnected in the universe.

Last month I saw a baby boy - he is a beggar boy( 4 years old approximate), selling Pens in road side. He is playing with the pen and as well as showing his pen to the people who comes near him. When no body buys the pen, then he starts playing again. It influenced me to write this article. It is dedicated to that baby boy. I was travelling in public transport so I could not talk to him. I did not see this baby boy after.This incidence was in a place 40km away from my town. The purpose of sharing this infomation is ,. that 4 year beggar boy is a perfect brand strategist. He knows how to sell. At this age of playing with toys, he is selling . If i was near to him, I would have bought all his pens and would have asked his mother whether I can look after him... I dont know who is this baby boy.But this article is dedicated to him. After all,I , YOU and HIM all made up of same sub atomic particles and we are all inter connected.

This article is Dedicated to my MOM & DAD pillars of strength for their loved ones.

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