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STATIC VS DYANAMIC ( SELLING/SPIRITUALITY/POLICTICS) What is Static Selling Vs Dynamic Selling? What is Conviction selling Vs Convincing Selling ? What is Static Piety Vs Dynamic Spirituality? What is Static Personality Vs Dynamic Personality What is Passively Good Vs Actively Good It is hard to read up ,huh? I am doing my best to cover you. Thanks to Bhagavad Gita Chapter 6 Verse 17 and Ishopanishad sloka 12 to 14 & to Swamiji Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Swami Vivekananda talks on above & Marketing principles .

When you sell from ” Conviction” , your customers feel like they are being served and not manipulated and it is more natural and authentic and builds trust faster ( Dynamic Selling) ( Conviction Selling ). Remarks : You need to be a dynamic person

Conversely when you onboard ” Convincing Selling ” it takes longer time for the customer to get convinced of what you are saying ( Static Selling). I see everywhere ( 19 out of 20 ) static people. It is your time now to turn to be dynamic .

Let me explain this point a little. A bad political activist for example, they are scheming where they shall go to create problems to raise their party political image. They are ready to give up their own life for the sake of their party image. They have Conviction in the power of their evil will. They have at least energy in them.

Now if a person is simply goody -goody, is good for nothing.He doesnot have any bad habbit.He is otherwise a good man,but out of that appareant goodness no good happens to the world. Because he has No Conviction in the Power of Goodness.

That is why Swami Vivekananda made a very revolutionary statement. He said be Wicked, if you must. It is better to be Wicked (normally wrong) than to be Passively Good ( no action, not active, real goody-goody of no use)

Bhagvad Gita Chapter 6 Verse 17, Sri Krishna Says too much of extreme self mortification is Bad and too much of indulgence in sense pleasures is also Bad.

Ishopanishad Sloka 12 says that one who worship manifest ( ie Our Physical world-going nothing beyond pleasures,food,drink , sleep and sex) enters in to darkness and he who worship Unmanifest ( ie God), who delights in Knowledge alone, also enters in to greater darkness.

Sloka 14 says that Understand the Manifest and Unmanifest together.

Sri RamaKrishna Paramhamsa said that Jagath Satyam. ( Manifest is real – physical world is real, you need not substract it from Unmanifest). Brahman is also Satyam ( Unmanifest is also real). One has to transcend both-Manifest and Unmanifest- and understand that individual self and the God are one and the same.

We are infinite. We are mass of energies. We cannot see them because they work in the subtle region. When we go to measure the photons and quantify it, it becomes a Wave. And when you go to measure the wave,it becomes a particle. So we don’t know whether it is a wave or a particle. So we have used the term WAVICLE ( neither a wave nor a particle). Extreme Monastic life or worldly life will not reveal who God is. It is like measuring Photons. The highest understanding is that to understand the limitations of knowledge. Supreme being is his very own self and therefore also the very self of all other beings.

Swami Vivekananda said renunciation and service are the twin national ideals of India. You have to mark the words- ” National Ideals”. He didn’t say that it is the ideal of a sannyasin, it is the idea of a spiritual man or it is the ideal of a particular group of people. It is the ideal of every one in our country-the national ideal. Swamiji Vivekananda Said, Renunciation and Service are the national ideals of India. Intensify her in these channels and the rest will take care of themselves. Renunciation means not Sannyaasa or anything of the sort. Renunciation actually means giving up our petty egos,our selfishness and expanding our consciousness by serving others ( Actively good) irrespective of our Profession.

If you compare ” So Called Monks” and a Worldly man and after many years …you see them again.The monk remained the same- a good fellow-but has not progressed at all- Passively Good- Static Spirituality-

Conversely the worldly man who earlier went in to worldly ways, has acquired lot of experiences of sorrow and sufferings. And through these all, he realized the truth of the world. He becomes Actively Good- Dynamic SpiritualityFor example Maharishi Valmiki( an awakening from a Robber to Maharishi)

If you are Actively Good, you can help hundreds of people to be good. Your good actions will help everybody to live in Joy. So that type of Dynamic Goodness is what the Upanishads preaches to us.

I take this opportunity to introduce my friend Sri Jyothish D- A Dynamic Political leader- Municipal Councellor- of our part of town in Kerala, India He is a good example of an Actively Good Politician and Dynamic Leader ( Not Passively Good ). He is Actively Good only. Mark the difference. I wish him the best and only the very best in his political carreer and personal life.

” Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya* Namo Buddhaya* Brahma Shakthi Satyam Jagath Satyam


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