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Swami Vivivekanand-Great Saint-Maker of Modern India-Orator Par Excellence

Swami Vivivekanand-Great Saint-Maker of Modern India-Orator Par Excellence-Swami Par Excellence

It is a common knowledge that Swami Vivekananda opening speech at the parliament of World religions, Chicago has been a landmark oral performance in human history.

But what makes the revered Swami such an effective speaker?

The audience was captivated by Swami's talks to such an extent that at parlimanet of World Religions, Swami was always asked to speak at the end. If at any part of time ,many people started leaving the event, a simple announcement that Swamiji will be speaking later on was enough to make them sit back down. People waited for hours patiently with out a single word of complaint just to listen to him speak for 15 minutes. This was the extent to which Swamiji captured his audience.

Jamshedji Tata was reportedly influnced by Swami Vivekananda to establish the Indian Institute of Science-one of India's well know Research university-during their conversation as fellow travellers on a ship from Japan to Chicago in 1898

An Astrological Perspective :

Swami predicted his year of death 5 years before his year of death. He predicted even his date of death- infact it was Maha Samadhi- ( the act of consciously and intentionally leaving one's body/death)- not an hospital dying

In Swami Vivekananda's horoscope Venus is in the 1st House. So it becomes 12th to the 2nd ( Bhavat Bhavam Principle). So Venus advances the good effects of 2nd house- style of enunciation in speaking, immaculate use of English literary diction etc.

Venus is the only planet which becomes auspicious when occuped in the 12th .It advances the good efects of the house ,if the house 12th of it is occupied by him.


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