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Well settled, or GOD MAN ( who claim to be incarnation of God in form of man and who travels in Benz and Audi ,BMW etc ) can say everything in this Universe is Atma- They have nothing to worry. They get contributions from followers. But poor people could not follow this strategy.

This is not practical in this world. ..if you want to see these God-man you should pay them in the form of Dakshina( Contribution)-with out which you will never get an appointment. This is the influence of Material world. Who is avoiding material world? You can Never,Never ever, never ever Never could avoid material world reality and the perception/delusion reality.

Atma is a Spiritual Reality. And it is only one form of Reality. There are other two realities too.

The two other realities are :

  1. Your Body is also a reality. When you get hungry you need food. When you do the work, you need money. You need dress. You need Laptop.Mobile phone., You need funds to pay your electricity bills ( or you will be in dark in night). This is material world reality. Even the Spiritual people who talk about only Atma are travelling in BMW and Benz- why-Material World Reality.

  2. Your Perception is a reality. I will give very good examples. In most companies or in service, your Boss/Superior Officer does not always pick the most capable person, they pick the one that presents themselves the best and is “ Perceived” as the best employee for the Job. I have seen people buttering their boss or senior officers to get in to their perception as good. Another example is most people don’t buy a vehicle based on the use or comfort, they buy,the one that has had the best effect on their mind through commercial advertising and other such marketing aimed at one’s perception. This is what we call brand.

What Spiritual people or God-Man says is true. Everything is Maya(Illusion). The world is created by the Mind. World is Perception. But though it is an illusion in the mind, it is still effectively acting on the manifestation of reality.

In Astrology, every one talks about Ascendant ( lagna). But there is another Lagna called Arudha Lagna. Arudha Lagna ( AL) is more important than Lagna. The AL is how people see you and interact with you with in the material world called Maya. The Lagna is only real you. But AL is is an illusion what people believe about you,which varies from what really is.

A person may be a crook, but if he has exalted AL lord, they will still be well liked and rise in popularity.

In an organization, the officer may be not honest, but he will butter his superiors and get in to good books of management. A sincere officer, who is fully dedicated to the job, just because of sincerity, he may be not rising up in organization politics. Excess qualifications and sincerity somes times disqualifies you to reach the Top in the Sevice /or Company.This is the importance of Arudha Lagna. It shows your Maya. How others perceive you .Do the people at your work, really know “you”.No they only know what they perceive of you, what you consciously let them know, what you unconsciously let them know, what you pretend to be.

No body cares real “You”. People go behind Perception ( which is a type of Reality-delusion).So don’t go behind spiritual people who teaches only about Atma.


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