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There is a difference between Transactional Selling and Relationship Selling-whether it is product, corporate career, friendship or politics.

If i buy a laptop from you ( seller), I have made a transaction and am considered a customer.

However if I start buying all my electronic equipments from you, I have developed a relationship and have become a client of you ( seller). I have developed a relationship because of which I ( the client) keep buying more and more.

The same can happen to Sales Person -Boss relationship in Corporate career.

If you are a sales person working in a company you can feel the same relationship with your boss. Your boss will make friend with you with the sole objective of getting business done by you. Once the usefulness goes ,the friendship also goes.It is unfortunate because it is very short sighted and insincere.

The same can happen to customers.

Some sellers make friends by wining and dinning people with the sole objective of doing business with them. In my experience ( in Marketing), when I ( customer )have lot of shipments from Cochin port-then lot of friends in shipping line industry from cochin calls me. When there are lot of containers from chennai or mumbai- friends from these cities calls me for getting business. Once they come to know I don't have any shipments, their friendship also goes ( Transactional friendship)

Another example for Transactional selling can be bagged in from Politics. Carefully watch the political people -their body language before the election and after the election.During time of election, polictical parties and candidates call on your house time to time enquiring about your wellness. After election ( for the next 5 years) they won't even gift you a smile. Body language changes. ( Not all political leaders,but most of them.)

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