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Because of very samilar names between Vedas and Vedic astrolgy, people always do have a confusion. Students who learn Vedas opine much not good about astrology, forgetting both comes from same Limbs of Vedas.Vedanga Jyothish is the perfect name for Vedic Astrology because it shows where it comes from.

Astrology is a good predictive technique and also becomes a Brahmastra weapon which can be used to enlighten people /motivate , but it depends on whether the astrologer is capable enough to do that.. other than giving only predictions( Predictions is a tough job especially timing of event). But who wants just a prediction maker. Both rich and poorest die. Saint and the bad person die. Both Knowlegable and the ignorant person die.. Doctor and the patient die. Astrologer and client die.We want Motivators who will make us enlightened, happier despite remaining in the world of illussions full of sorrow, happiness etc.

An entire sea of water can't sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly the negativity of the world shouldn't put you down, unless you allow them to get inside you.

If there is any negativity in your horoscope I can predict it with in less than 5mins. ( Your astrologer will also do).But it is entirely in your space and time how you convert this energy in to more potential form.

( you can convert negative potential for many useful purpose which even a positiive enegry fails. ., how you are going to use your negative portfolio is important. Postive traits when not used properly will be as good as negative trait. And negative trait if you use well by converting in to positive forms it can be used as good as positive energy. The approach you deal with these energies will be different. Any doubts?? If you are subjected to a punishment and locked in a room for 3 hours (negative). You can either sit in the room watching TV or chatting with your social media friends through phone. Or you can read the books kept in room and gain wisdom.When you come out after your punishment, there will a level of increase in consciouness who spend the 3 hours of punishment for gaining wisdom and those who spend 3 hours watching entertainment. Mega serials or friendship watercooler chat will not rise your consciousness)


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