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Water is a Mystery

Water is beauty, life and a Mystery.

Do you know what is GOD ? Science has no answer.

We don’t Know what is Soul and Consciousness. There is no science to prove what is Soul and Consciousness.

Do you know from where did water came to this Planet ? Science has no regid answer

Water is a Mystery. No science can explain from where did Water came to this Planet. Science has no clear evidence. Even properties of water is a mystery.May be that is one reason in the East, Water is Considered equal to God and in every occassions Water is treated as auspicious substance and is called ” Theertha”

Body is not soul. Body changes . Soul does not change. Your awareness is your consciousness.That is the energy. In analogy, Sun is Soul and Sunlight is Consciousness. The energy of the consciousness is tapped in to this birth at the time of our conception. Therefore it has a beginning. Any thing that has a beginning, should have an end. So we have to wait for our death for the consciousness to leave the body. It is beyond space and time.It is never destroyed. Water is also samilar to consciousness. Water can neither be created nor destroyed.It’s merely transformed. If you mix Hydrogen atoms and Oxygen atoms together ( only theoretically possible) there will be an explosion-You cannot create water. No body knows how water was created in this planet. No scientific proof. Creation of Water as per Rigveda is God’s technology. Rigveda says, Supreme Lord, is formless. Along with his formless existence, there existed Apreketa Salila ( Non Creative Water) that was too covered by darkness. The Supreme Lord had collected his force of “Passion” to give birth ” Kama” .The Kama was the cause of the world and all the substances within it.

Water is not just liquid. It is the only substance that oscillate between two distinct states of liquid. If you cool down water below 0 degree C, it expands,but if you lower it further, it will contract. It’s surface tension is uncomparable. It’s how blood( more than 90% of blood is water) can overcome the force of gravity and circulate around our body and keeps us alive.

Water is the only substance that expands upon cooling. Hot water will turn to ice faster than cold water. Another weird property of water is, it has immense capacity to absorb your energy and to store it ( Potential energy) and also it can convert energy in to manifestation( Kinetic Energy).

Glass of Milk with Sugar OR a Glass of Water– at first night event ?, for a comparison sake, Glass of water at night is better. Milk is animal protein. Do you really need this ? No .A Human needs only human milk( that we get from our mother when we are child ) after that ,.whether external milk from other animals like cow, etc is really required or not – lot of scientific research still going on.Sugar is Carb. A Big No especially at Night .While , Water is needed for your brain ( three quarters of our brain is Water) to function properly. Your brain cannot produce Serotonin with out enough water( it is the chemical that creates feelings of happiness and well being) .

Water is a Medicine . In the east we call ” Achamanam” -Sipping water in small quantities three times-the principle is ” Similia Similibus Cuventur”- Like Cures Like.


In Astrological perspective,if there is a Malefic influence on 7th house and its Lord, in your birth chart, the part of the body indicated by Kalapurusha – Kidneys and Electrolytes- and therefore the native is bound to get imbalances in these areas of health.


Water is a ” giver” and a ” taker”

If you don’t drink water, you will die

If you don’t excrete water as urine ( urine is essentially water with some added stuff like electrolytes) then also you would be dead with in 24-48 hours as a rule of thumb.

The level of water that your cells will absorb depends on the level of electrolytes inside and outside your cells. If you don’t have enough electrolytes ,even if you drink plenty of water you will remain dehydrated. Urine specific gravity (USG) test is a boon. It is measure of your urine density to water density and it should be always sit between 1.005 to 1.030. If the value goes below 1.005 it means , you have excess water in urine and body is dehydrating.No enough water is entering your cells. If the value is above 1.030 it means ,you have excess concentration of urine. The kidneys are erroneously reabsorbing as much water back in to circulation as possible( Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone -System ie RAAS activation). This is one cause or it can be also due to excess glucose in the urine.

If you drink lot of water , slightly low values of USG may be considered normal and if you avoid drinking lot of water, slightly high values of USG may be considered normal.

Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya * Namo Buddhaya

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