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You observe people, you will come to know how powerful our ” Ego ” is . And irrespective of your age, you will have ego till your deathbed

This is from my experience in observing people. I observe people because I see manifestation of Brahman in every being . The difference is only the consciousness. This is the spark in you . It varies from people to people .

A 91 plus years old man (healthy) is speaking in a family meeting about his grandsons working abroad and boasting they all have three bungalows . Reiterating he is proud in having such wealthy grandsons .

Prime facie it is his happiness and definitely it is his ego and his measuring scale of happiness. No more,No less. This ego will remain till his death bed. It will be with this ego he will be taking in his last breath .How can kids get the value of wisdom when grandfather and grandmother take pride only in worldly matters .

Then you might ask how come the power of money is equal to power of wisdom.

Power of money in the capitalistic world is unbeatable…. the article you are reading because i have paid to hosting and domain companies.

But money is like ​frosting ​​in cake. It will melt in the end. It makes the cake so delicious, more attractive, but children’s who are taught that the real food is the bread /cake and ​frosting​​ will melt away ,their awareness will go to the wisdom area of mind . But what is the benefit in wisdom versus wealth ?

You can think two ways, everything in this universe is ​no miracle. You need enjoyment – continuous and instant enjoyment is possible with money ​.

The second way is seeing everything as manifestation of Brahman​. ( Supreme Lord-don’t get confused with Brahma)

Wisdom is awareness of your mind in what you have learned. So learning should be taken from a highly wisdom person. not from just knowledgeable person

​Education system is now a tool to show off and gain hollow glory rather than use it for the upliftment of the deprived and betterment of society.

For analogy sake, If I teach you not to take over speed above ​5​​0km in cochin city​ roads​ . When you drive in a car, you have my teachings on your mind and when you cross ​50​ km speed you remember what you learned and reduce the speed to ​5​0km in city​ roads​. If you did that -it is wisdom. If you continue going above ​50km.,then you have only learned ,no wisdom

So wisdom is not learning or knowledge. It is the​ timely application of knowledge.

​Knowledge is Hard drive.

Constantly there will be someone who sells new course/new programme, this that, You constantly do learning those things.

This is your Hard drive

But timely application of knowledge is wisdom,

Parasurama cursed Karna that the knowledge he gained will be fruitless as he will definitely fail to deliver it when he need it the most – Yes timely application of his knowledge -he failed. This is the importance of timely application of knowledge.

Thin bottom line : Timely application of Knowledge is wisdom and it is more important than knowledge ( Hard drive)

Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya* Namo Buddhaya


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