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You are that winning sperm -born to lead

Looking up to others is a positive trait.

In marketing we look at competition. Good.

But competitiors will not pay you. You customer will pay you.

Looking at others becomes a weakness when it leads you in to submission.

Look up with out submitting yourself.

You can become better than your competitor.

You can become better than your boss.

You were not born to follow.

You are born to Lead

Remember you are that ONE winning sperm which provided its own way that it is one up on the remaining millions of its kind.

Only one sperm has energy, powerful enough to reach the egg.Other sperms die on their journey to reach the egg.

You are that ONE winning sperm

So very birth of human being necessitates and presupposes the process of winning.

You are born to lead.

Live up to your inheritance.

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