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Your communication skills are your responsibility. Your words are your responsibility.

The only thing that you can make sweet that comes from your body is words.-your communication skills-your vocabulary.

What ever other things that comes out from your body are neither sweet nor you can make them sweet .Your sweat smells bad. Your saliva smells bad. other body fluids smells bad. your excretory all, everything. The one and the only thing that you can make sweet are your words... that comes at the tip of your tongue- it is most refined,...

The sweetness of the words remains even if our body disappears. The world loves Swami Vivekananda speech... have you seen him or have you seen his live youtube video? No- just his communication-his words-his wisdom-his thoughts of practical vedanta attracting us. Would any one ask his bio data to check his qualifications or credentials?? .

To ask Swami, for his bio data is like asking the Sun to state its right to shine.

Communication is the one of the Top resource that you have. Doctors, Engineers, Phds, CAs, Top Professionals, they may all need a written paper to read and give a speech...even for their own specialized subject. They keep a note in hand and seeing it they give speech. How does it about? They dont have vocabulary. They have high intelligence-knowledge- sky high bio data. But no communication skill,no vocabulary. What does this mean? The Communication responsibility is a daunting task. It is beyond knowledge, beyond intelligence, beyond a bio data. Expereince is useless here. Deliberate practice only will keep you on your toes.

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