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I will explain you the science behind the sunlight and fasting on fighting off covid-19 corona virus.




The marketing hype is SUNLIGHT and FASTING are unhealthy.


But if our SUN takes a holiday for just three months, remember we will be dead like the dinosaur.

Unfortunately industry has created a myth , don't go in SUN, you will be killed.


If each one of us sit in Sun atleast 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening , with out any sunscreen , and with out any chest dress ( ladies can't do this easily, but they can do in home if circumstances permit), you will get rid of about 90% of your illness . ( not 1 or 2%)


Sun Light is the best VITAMIN D3.


Sun Light keeps your skin cells growing ( not the food- of course food is needed for something else).


Sun Light is the best Preventive for your disease.


Sun is the giver of Life.


Despite abundant Sunlight through out the year, Vitamin D deficiency is endemic in the countries like UAE, INDIA etc. The main reason for this deficiency is the high use of Sun Screen on the skin. A topical application of sun screen with a sun protection factor 8 can completely block the photosynthesis of pre vitamin D3 in a human skin.


You can have a blood test called 25 hydorxyvitamin D to evaluate your vitamin D status.


If you are taking Vitamin D supplements, you will have to do above test regularly as Vitamin D toxicity( VDT) is very common and serious .


However there will not be any VDT by eating foods or getting from sunlight. Human body can regulate it.


The main role of Vitamin D will be explained during Cytokine attack ( read below).


Immune system is very complicated.


In a layman's language, we have to focus on three things

1) Stimulate Innate Immunity

2) Enhance Adaptive Immunity

3) Minimize/slow down Cytokine


Innate Immunity means, if you come in contact with corona virus, it is innate immunity, which first identifies it and attacks it and sends it to the Adaptive Immune system which is your army.Cytokine is a messenger  from the innate to adaptive immunity.


When the Innate immune system is activated by corona virus, it produces both Pro inflammatory cytokines ( mainly TNF Alfa- Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha) and anti inflammatory cytokines. This pro inflammatory cytokines produce inflammation that injures the lining of the lungs leading to Pneumonia-( It will be a atypical pneumonia ,feels like cold and manifest gradually). This TNF alpha - (Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha) can create high inflammation called Cytokine storm. Actually it is not Corona Virus that Kills us but the body's hyper reaction to the Virus- uncontrolled production of pro inflammatory cytokines such as Tumor Necrosis factor alpha)


Vitamin D can help to reduce the concentrations of TNF Alpha.


Also avoid fructose ( not fruits) from diet, during covid period. High sugar levels in the blood can decrease the performance of Innate Immunity system.


It is found that younger adults are dealing with the Virus better because they have a strong innate immunity system and strong adaptive immunity. ( T cells).


By increase in age, a growth factor from bone marrow decreases. This in turn decreases the innate immunity.


Thymus gland which produces T cells, unlike most organs ,it decreases in size with increase in age and replaced by fat and becomes dormant. Fortunately Thymus has completed most of your T cells by the time of puberty.. Therefore adaptive immunity also decreases with age..




The Science behind Fasting is.. when you strive, it kick starts Stem Cells and produce a Brand New White Blood cells to fight off infection. Fasting breaks down significant portion of White Blood cells. This depletion induces changes that trigger stem cell based regeneration of New Immune system.Our body will also recycle lot of immune cells that are not needed or those may be damaged during fasting.


Also for beauty lovers... fasting will reduce the enzyme DKA which is linked to aging and a hormone which increases cancer and tumor growth risks.It will also slow down entering menopause which is a blessing for the women. It will slow down aging and increase Health span ( not only life span)


Fasting also enhances Mitochondrial coordination with peroxisomes- which increases fatty acid oxidation. Cells also depend on fatty acids as a source of energy. More Mitochondria means greater use of oxygen to produce more ATP and energy.


Simple way to fast is Shut down your digestive system by noon 2pm . It is very safe. To avoid any malnutrition, eat plenty of fruits, vegetable ( raw) and nuts( not ground nuts- very low profile when compared to walnut or pista) in the morning and noon . Avoid Milk( it can reduce magnesium for some children), Drink warm water empty stomach morning. No Coffee. ( if you are Th2 Dominant immune system , it is going to harm you ) . You can drink Green tea. No sugar. Also avoid snacks with Green tea, It will reduce the benefit of drinking green tea. Your money is wasted in green tea... Follow this simple steps You will feel energetic. You will wake up in the morning as active as a new born baby. This is the first step to find whether you are healthy. Yes, what you feel in the morning when you wake up.

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