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You can’t wirte an article on strategy with out quoting “Brihadaranyaka Upanishad”.


Of course strategy matters . But many businesses have a silver bullet delusion about strategy-gripped by the notion that if we just get our strategy perfect we’ll differentiate ourselves and beat the competition. Unfortunately strategy is nowhere near as important as some organisation and leaders think it is.

Any form of business ( whether you do just $ 1 dollar business of Billion dollar sales) – It is Sanchita Karma-all the planning, ideas or Strategy is a collection of Iron Filings on a piece of paper. A strategy is like a Magnet which lines them up behind a clear set of goal. It tells organisation what to focus on and almost as importantly what not to do.

But the organisation should not chase the executive team on strategy. This is only Sanchita Karma ( accumulated thoughts or planning). The arrows are in quiver. Arrow is not discharged to hit the target. There is no execution of strategy. The Key differntiator for business -what makes the difference between successful and less successful leader /business is the ability to execute.

You could leave your strategic plan( Arrows in Quiver-Sachita Karma) on your private jet or plane or on your BMW, it wouldn’t make any difference. No one could execute it. Our success has nothing to do with planning. It has to do with execution. A good enough strategy well executed is worth a hundred times more than a great strategy badly executed.

Strategy is equal to arrow in quiver ( Sanchita Karma). or Aagami Karma ( arrow about to discharge). These karmas are like arrow in the quiver or in the bow. But No execution. It has not hit the target. It is only a caffeine hit for the executive team to feel powerful in a world where they increasingly don’t feel powerful .It is only extreme sport for executives with out the risk of breaking any bones.

Convert above Karmas to Praarabdha Karma( do execution of strategies)-Arrow has left the bow and is on the sky and is about to hit the target. Executives need this quality of -Praarabdha Karma.

Praarabdha Karma will be converted to Kriyamana Karma ( Arrow hit the target). The reaction ( Results) of the experience creates new Karma.

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