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If you are weak, be unique and different in your weakness

A weak person can never, never ever, never ever never lay a finger on with a strong person. Equals and Equals only congregate.

Have you ever seen a rich girl married to a boy from abject poverty family. No. ( even if there is, it will be only finger numbered). So if any one is weaker or smaller firm, he/she could not lay a hand on with stronger or big giant So if you are a small manufacturer /seller how are you going to outlive with giant multinational corporations ? Depressed? There is an analogy in Upanishad: If your life is like a Grass, take “Chaitanya ( ie Vibe) in being Grass. Because grass is also made up of atman ( consciousness) , the same -entire universe is made up of. Do not compare Grass with Big Tree. Both of them cannot flee ( grass and big tree).

But there is a uniqueness for Grass and is different from a Big Tree. Do you know what it is ? Big trees are most vulnerable to wind. They are likely to fall in a storm, But grass is so attached to the earth and can even withstand not only rain and storm, but also even an earthquake, So don’t consider yourself as degraded in being a grass., Never become a diluted version of you ( even when you compete with big giant). Be different from big giant. Remember that, you cannot compete with big giants by your just uniqueness. Yes, every body claim they are unique , but we are going one step ahead. BE DIFFERENT.

It is very difficult to differentiate between unique and different. Just 1 or 2 degree difference only make you different. Up to 99 degree, water is in state of liquid, just extra 1 degree changes state of water to steam and pushes your motor engine. So don’t be just unique , BE DIFFEERENT. The significance of just 1 degree is that water will boil ( turn to steam). If you are not DIFFERENT but only just unique , you know what the problem??…. you can not outlive with big companies. You will be just like heating water above its boiling point with out boiling ( In physics we call it simply SUPER HEATING -useless ). In Upanishad, we call it “devoid of Chaitanya or vibe.”

So be different and create a vibe. People can only feel your vibe. There is no such thing as selling B2B or B2C. All sales are always P2P-people to people. .

I wish everyone to be DIFFERENT ( not Super Boiling/ unique). The difference is the greatness which bigger giants might be devoid of. This is your winning space /Brahmastra and also a loosing space of your competitors.


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