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COVID 19 & CORONA,- Numerology analysis

COVID 19 & CORONA,- Numerology analysis

Each word creates a sound.

When we hear the music of sex appeal, we see that our minds get in a particular direction. But when we hear Vedas thrilling lectures, we see that our mind is elevated. This is due to the power of sound. Sounds have the greatest linking with the most sensitive nerves. Sounds have healing effects also. There is a separate branch of alternative medicine called " Music Therapy". When you are lonely, if you experience sound/phone calls from your friend, you get immense happiness and joy and you are thrilled. ( of course, your friend should be a motivator) This is just because the sound vibrations that come from your friend through a phone call are triggering your sensitive nerves and makes you happy. You are not seeing him but the words make you happy. Even Panic attacks can be overcome if you are highly motivated. Vedas will make you motivated to the Top chakra. The other motivation class online in google will motivate you of course but will be up to the materialistic plane, not above that.

Now let us analyze COVID 19 and CORONA based on numerology ( Chaldean)

C O V I D 1 9 = We will get name value 40 or vibrations of sound 40 which is threateningly inauspicious.

C O R O N A = We will get name value 25, or vibrations of sound 25, This number indicates that though there will be struggles and difficulties, in the beginning, success will be indicated thereafter.

Now I just analysed the word VEDAS and I got a NAME value 19. This number points towards success.

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