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Karmic Debt and Karmic Credit- these are two axioms in laws of karma. They are like water and fire, opposing each other. Water will extinguish flame and Fire will boil water away to nothing. Your Karmic debt can be transformed to Karmic credit by helping many and by becoming a karmic creditor.


After Preparing Numeroscope ( Numerology Chart) the missing numbers indicate Karmic debt . Due to certain actions of our previous birth, we have to suffer the disadvantages of the missing numbers. We will not get the benefits of the planets which are missing in the Numeroscope. If you want your Numeroscope , please contact me . Reading is available at a nominal fee.


Your parents cared for you. Or a stranger gave you a lift in his car or offered you a coffee or lunch as a random act of kindness and even the chicken who provided the eggs you ate this morning ( if you are Non Veg) etc are all your Karmic Creditors.


You may accidently kill insects, ants, or eat chicken, fish or hurt or harm others then you become KARMIC DEBTOR


Suppose you saw kids pleading their mother to buy Ice Cream. She scolded them as maybe she didn’t have the money to buy them when they demanded. A Veil of sadness will be surrounded the little kids. You may take the kids to the ice cream vendor and bought them the ones they wanted. You can then see a smile on their face, it will be priceless. Take a picture and hug them if they agree. They will surely agree without any hesitation. This incident will make you Karmic Creditor. See the picture and help such kids whenever you feel it possible. Ice cream is just an analogy. It can be anything they need-school uniform,books,dress, shoes etc.

Offering money, milk, flowers or fruit to God, I wonder how it can overcome or transform the Karma.

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