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IS CUSTOMER GOD ? It is often said that customer is God . Looking at Customer as God is a positive trait. But all customers are NOT God. It depends on WHO your customer is. The word ” WHO” is so important. I read in Bible” We are heirs of GOD. We are not heirs of What God has. We are heirs of WHO God is ” ” Sri Rama Krishna Paramhamsa said, both COW and TIGER are same Consciousness. But you will go near to COW to do namakaram ( bow down head), where as you have to stay away from TIGER and do namaskaram”.That is the difference of “WHO”. The degree or level of consciousness differs.This applies to our day to day life and in Marketing.

The Customer buys from you only because your product/service has a value according to his measuring angle. The down side is -the measuring angle is non permanent in the universe, and it will change with passage of time, then the same product that were giving him Value will Push the Product out from his Web of Maya and he no longer contacts you or he devalues your product with asking to bring down price almost to give them as Free. That is why we said,looking at a customer as God is a positive trait, but equally important is who the customer is. He should not become your weakness.

I remember my best friend and my Buyer Mr Andres and Family ,United States of America. He is like God to me irrespective of whether he gives me order or not. Sri RamaKrishna Paramahamsa says to do namaskaram to such consciousness, and I bow my head and touch your feet Shri Andres!!! Waiting to see you in India with your two little gorgeous kids & family

Now as General rule of thumb, always rate your customer as 5 out of 10 and you as 10 out of 10 ( you cannot achieve 10/10 but it is useful for you ,reason explained below). It is not because customer is less capable or that your are superman, when you bench mark others with your expectations it leaves you dissatisfied with them and this affects your happiness and growth. When you bench mark yourself with your expectation the dissatisfaction created propels your growth . So you can remain happily dissatisfied.This is good for your personality growth.

Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya* Namo Buddhya* Brahma Shakthi Satyam Jagath Satyam


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