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HAPPINESS ( Astrology)

In today's scenario there are different astrologers who have different thought process of their own. No one agrees with the principles of the other which in turn creates confusions in the mind of the common man who comes to to an astrologer.

Happiness is a very vast topic. The 4th house of D16 Chart ( Shodasamsha chart) is used to find out how much luxuries and happiness native can obtain in his life.

It focuses mainly on Moveable pleasures( not immovable assets)- pleasures obtained from vehicles and liquid cash.

Jupiter is the planet of luxuries and happiness-sukha. Venus is the significator of vehicles ,so both these two planets should remain strong.

D16 chart can also be used to find out whether any miseries or accidents can occur to the native...such as car accidents, air crash, ship wrecks etc

ARGALA to the 4th house & 2nd and 7th houses from the 4th house is detrimental towards luxuries and during its dasha -antardasha, the native may have loss of luxuries or accidents.

The following is the D16 chart of a native who has many costliest cars in the world, but during the dasa of Venus-Mars-Saturn, he met a very serious vehicle accident.

Lagna= Virgo

Jupiter and Moon= Libra

Venus= Sagittarius

Rahu and Ketu= Capricorn

Mars= Pisces

Sun= Aries

Mercury= Taurus

Saturn= Cancer

Prime ma facie, 4th house is strong in above D16 because 4th house lord Jupiter forms Gajakesari yoga in 2nd house and having exchange of 2nd and 4th house lords.

But the major culprit is ARGALA,

Mars is causing an unobstructed malefic argala on 4th house and venus and also apecting lagna and 2nd house. From 4th house 2nd lord saturn is in 8th house.

Due to this Argala of Mars during Dasa of Venus-Mars-Saturn native met with a fatal accident-unfortunate mishap.

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