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MARKETING IS NOT SOLELY ABOUT ORDER BOOKING Marketing is everything and Everything is Marketing. And everything is everything.

There is nothing you can do with out Mathematics. Everything around you is Mathematics.Everything around you is numbers.

There is nothing you can do with out Chemistry too. Our body is Chemicals. Our feelings are result of chemical messengers ie neuro transmitters. Respiration is a chemical reaction-exothermic reaction. Digestion is a chemical reaction-exothermic. And entire universe is result of a blast-exothermic reaction. Nuclear fusion taking place in Sun is also an exothermic chemical reaction. With out chemistry people would die much younger from bacterial infections since we wouldn’t have antibiotics. Chemistry is a big part of our every day life.

Likewise Marketing is Everything and Everything is Marketing. Marketing is Everywhere.In life there is a continuous involvement of marketing something to someone. Marketing is not solely about selling .Marketing is not a function. Marketing is an all pervasive way of doing business.Marketing is like Quality. You have to be Different, Unique and 10 times Better than any one else.

We should market ourselves in market. Self promotion is crucial in Marketing. It gives you more confidence and turn you in to a more in demand professional that can present yourself and your product or service in a way nobody else can.

With out Marketing there is no product at all. What I want to speak and what you want to listen.. This is crucial in marketing. It is a point of contact between supply ( firm) and demand ( potential customer). Products are created with customer’s needs and wants in mind because of marketing concept. If your product is not really good or if you are speaking what your viewers dont want to listen, or if you don’t have customer support, if the product is not accessible to customers etc, you will go off the market sooner or later.

If you are Boss, Manager, don’t evaluate your sales staff performance solely in their order booking status. Marketing is 50:50 approach. 50% sales person performance, 50% is environmental factors- that will influence sales. ie the product he sells and the brand/firm he represents. Track his involvement in building customer relationships and brand development. -Different-Unique -Better approach . This will be benefitial to your organization in the long run.

If you are a freelancer: Never, Never ever, Never ever never, promote companies who solely look at your performance on booking orders. Or else you will be teared out when they start getting business rolling in.

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