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RECIPE FOR MARKETING -PART 7 ( DOGGED PERSISTENCE Vs INTELLIGENCE)-Brihat Jatak & Bhagvad Gita The aim of every business strategy should be to satisfy the goals of your organisation and at the same time with out conflicting with your Dharma ( personal or spiritual dharma)

A good leader or manager is not who is a 24K Gold. You cannot be a Manager Par Excellence. One of the drawback of pure Gold in industry is that it is sectile, too soft, not good for making your ornaments. You must go through tests,challenges, difficulties and overcome it.( life’s grindstone). You need persistence not intelligence. If you focus only on intelligence,you are vulnerable to failure, fearful of challenges and unmotivated to learn.

You need a Dogged Persistence to succeed-be indestructible and steadfast-be loyal,committed, dedicated, dependable, reliable and dedicated and be Unique. The difference between ordinary and extra ordinary is only ” extra”

A glory of Dronacharya was to have developed Arjuna to the point where Arjuna was able to win the battle with his own teacher .That is the quality of the guiding light.

Let me digress for a moment USD 1000 , How much is this amount ? Thousand dollars, right ? Add one ZERO 1000 + 0 = 10000, How much is this amount now ? Ten Thousand, OK. Now Add one ZERO to the left of 1,how much it is now? 010000 , How much is this amount now ? The same Ten Thousand ? Not by any means.

When an insignificant number ( individual soul) follows a significant number( Guiding light) , it gains value. When the same insignificant number tries to go ahead of the significant number, then it has no value. Let us not compare ourselves with our guiding light.

In Astrology for every planet the sign of exaltation is the testing ground for the planet that gets exalted in it. Sun’s own sign is Leo,but it does not exalt there, it gets exalted in Ashwathi Nakshatra in Aries sign of Mars. Sun is Satvik Planet. The Nakshatra lord of Ashwathi is Ketu. Ketu is Moksha planet. So Atma in Moksha is such an exalted state of existence that is no longer touched by sin. There are Nakshatras belonging to ketu in Leo and Sagittarius but Sun doesn’t exalt there ,why? Because the lords of Leo and Sagittarius are Sun and Jupiter respectively which are Satvik planets. Sun gets exalted in Ketu Nakshatra in Aries because there is no better sign than Aries to denote sin for it, as Aries belongs to Mars who is Papi Grah So we should understand that even planets in astrology excels in zodiac sign which gives a testing ground for them .Remember that.

Difficulties gives us the opportunities to develop character and strength. If you want a sharp knife you must put it to the grind stone. If you want a strong character, you must go through tests and difficulties ( life grind stone) The rich kid who has everything given to him for birth an and grows up to be incapable of doing anything worthwhile! Situations or planetary influence may present difficulty. That person can choose to give up and become a failure or to overcome and become a success.

Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya * Namo Budhhaya * Brahma Shakthi Satyam Jagath Satyam


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