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Dronacharya ( one of the best teacher in the world next to Parashurama) summoned two of his students-Yudhishtira ( ever nice) and Duryodhana ( ever angy). He said to Yudhishtra to spend a day in Hastinapur and find me a really bad person while he said to Duryodhana to find a really good man.

Days passed. Yudhishtira replied and said, I find all the people in Hastinapur are really good. There is no single bad person in Hastinapur.

Duryodhna replied, all the people in Hastinapur are rogue, dishonest. There is no single good man in Hastinapur.

Dronacharya said. This is all ” Maya”

Contrary to popular belief, Maya doesn’t mean here delusion or illusion.

Ma Means ” To measure”

Maya means ” That which is measured”

Yudhishtira’s measuring scale failed to identify a bad man in Hastinapur .

Duryodhana’s measuring scale failed to identify a good man in Hastinapur.

Their opinions about Hastinapur said nothing about Hastinapur but about the measuring scales they subscribed to.

Your opinion about other person , situation, organization depends upon your measuring scale. . If you are an HR Manager or CEO like Duryodhana, you will always see your employees as Scoundrel. You will never ever find a honest or good person in your organisation.

There is no universal measuring scale since measuring scale doesn;t exist in nature. Measurement is an artificial concept created by man, for man, in order to organize and structure the world around. It’s we who have created notions such as “second” and “ minute” and “week” this dividing time in to manageable componets. It's we who have created “kilograms” and “ pounds” and “ meters” and “ yards” to gauge the size and weight of matter. None of these concepts are natural. Why should 7 days make up a week? Why not 8 days. Some one decided 7 days . All measurements are cultural. Some one decided that length must be measured by kilometers all over the world. Americans disagreed. They still prefer mile.

Measurement scales are necessary because this helps us compare things-this is longer than that, this is heavier than that. With comparison comes evaluation and judgement. Somethings become more and more desired. Others become more and more valuable. And when things start becoming more desired and more valuable, then MARKETING comes in to being. Marketing is typically defined as the business process by which value is created ,transmitted and exchanged. Since value is dependent on a measuring scale, marketing is ultimately all about spinning of web of maya.

Once upon a time when there were no mobile phones, just possessing a landline phone instrument was good enough. Then came mobile phone- a new measuring scale. When ordinary phone was democratized a new measuring scale emerged-such as Iphone and high other brands. But where from came these values? What makes you happy or unhappy about your mobile phone? Is it natural phenomenon or artificial construction? You will then realize the power of Maya

The power of Maya also plays an important role in Negotiation. No Matter what is offered you begin by devaluating it .” I don’t think it is worth that much”

A Smart buyer always devalues an offering to bring down the price and thus seller is put on the defensive and is forced to justify the value he is offering. The buyer accepts or rejects his defense depending on how much he is willing to pay. A smart seller always begin by questioning the measuring scale currently followed by the potential customer.

When value exchange are satisfied between Buyer and Seller, Sales happens.

Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya * Namo Buddhaya

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