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RECIPE OF MARKETING-PART 4 ( The Ultimate Marketer)

Switch the mind set and build confidence. There seems there is no end of war of words between people who support product as commodity and those who favor Customer as a commodity. However current market trends are quite indicative that momentum is shifting in favor of the customer as commodity aficionados and you have to prove why they should do business with you either with their money or with there time.

We need Strategy,Concept,Product, Ideas,etc for Marketing-all these you learn from your business schools or from your trade experience. But Remember it is “HE “who give Value to the World-that mobile phone, that vehicle, that strategy, that concept, that product,that job, that service-It is all as valuable as” HE” makes it. Who is this HE in Marketing. It is “HE “who spins the web of Maya, the ULTIMATE MARKETER.

Do you know the name of this “HE ?”…………He is none other than LORD KRISHNA,the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.In an analogy, we know if you have 418.6 KJ energy you can raise 1 liter /1kg of water from 0 degree celcius to 100 degree celcius. But you need 2257 KJ of energy to vaporize (boil) water . The difference between ordinary and extra ordinary person is just EXTRA. Lord Krishna will give you this extra Energy . He gave this extra Energy to Arjuna in the battlefield and Marketing is also a war- of Capitalistic world.

Lord Shiva is highly ascetic, but for him nothing has any intrinsic value, so he shuts in eyes to everything in this world. But in material capitalistic world it is a threat. ( It doesnot mean he is less powerful, we are discussing only on Marketing)

For lord Brahma, he is chasing all the things and he gives value for everything, but eternally he is unhappy and is a God unworthy of worship. Brahma emerged from the navel of a sleeping vishnu .

Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya* Namo Buddhaya

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