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A candidate (Microcosm) attending an interview is in the process of marketing his candidature to create a value and transmit and exchange to the interviewer.

The interviewer is also marketing his organisation (Macrocosm)

You are eager to get the Job. It is a great company. You are under stress. Are you good enough for them? You spend hours on your resume and spend hours on your possible answers. You are not relieved, even obliged when you get the job.

But why obliged? Wear the MAYA Cap and you will find a different view of the world entirely, one which is perhaps more empowering.

Ask why were you called for interview? Could it be because the organisation found itself lacking in something and was seeking a value that you helped fill? If that the case, why are you feeling as if the organisation has done you a favour by hiring you? Is your being hired not a case of a symbiotic exchange of value between organisation and individual? What is an interview ultimately? Nothing but a process by which one finds out if an organisation meets the requirements of an individual’s measuring scale (salary, designation, job responsibility, job satisfaction, job prospects) and if an individual meets the requirement of an organisation’s measuring scale (knowledge, skills, attitude, dedicated practice etc.). – It is a Great MAYA exchange.

Don’t beg in interviews. If you want to beg do it with utmost freedom and dignity. Sit under the Sun Stoically for begging. You should beg under scorching Sun to generate emotion in other’s mid. Research shows that people buy from emotions.

People buy people first, then buy from people, and lastly they buy from organisation. Let me explain by analogy. Have you been to a restaurant well known for its delicious food and you go in and find the service and the waiter rude and discourteous. No matter how good the food is, would you like to go back the restaurant again. The answer is “never”. The same applies to any organisation.

You are the microcosm of the whole world. You can therefore participate in the interactive improvisation of the Macrocosm-the World. Your organisation is Macrocosm-an organised system. But if you are pointless, futile, purposeless, impractical, in vain then the organisation will be like eclipsed Sun -blocked by microcosm because it is tiny you that makes the entire world(or organisation)

Om Namo Bhagavathe Vasudevaya * Namo Budhhaya


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