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If the name value of the factory ( business )owner is not divisible to the name value of the factory, then whatever progress he made in business, finally it will bring all kinds of financial worries and or bankruptcy, ill fame, etc. If this nothing happens, then at least the factory owner will be subjected to anxiety and stress due to his/her factory business, he will never get peace of mind.

(This is also applicable to baby names, ( here date of birth to be considered), job aspirants etc.

case study:

The name value of the owner is 8 ( Name withheld)

factory name value is 1 ( Name withheld)


Not divisible

He suffered from health issues, ill fame, bankruptcy, and most of his property was attached by Bank,

In an astrological view point, he was also undergoing Rahu Dasa and was not favourable for the Jatak

It is a comorbid condition in occult science. ( numerology and astrology factors becoming unfavourable simultaneously)

Astrology can be considered as General Medicine.

And Numerology as a Surgery ( you can make small changes by adding or dropping alphabets and make it favourable )

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