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Updated: Mar 28, 2022

For the stress, here is the rub.

No body can make you stress/unhappy unless you agree to it.No matter what others do to you. How you react to an experience determines whether you will be stressed or happy.

It is your mind that wrecks havoc on your peace, cause frustruation and destroys happiness-not the external world.

Stress is your Responsibility.

It is a mistake to believe that he or she or this or that circumstances or outside world make you stress.

You are the architect of your own happiness. You are the architect of your own unhappiness.

One fact we know about ourself is one day we die. The death of body is inevitable. But we celebrate our birthday, birthdays of our near and dear ones, family etc. We dont care about the future anxiety-the death. We celebrate as we have no death. We are not stressed .We conduct huge party/celebrations for our birthdays. Same way we should handle stress as if there is no stress.

How to handle stress? : If you ask any one across the world,the most likely answer is =control the mind. But how to control the mind? Mind is in constant experience--how can you control it? Mind is programmed to wander.Just like water in a river. It keeps on flowing one direction to the another. That is life.

What is this constant experience of the mind? : You are the subject and world is an object. So we are in contact with the world; so there is subject object relationship and there is an experience. Outside world cannot tire you. But we dont know how to make use of it. It is like having excellent food ,but no appetite.

Why should we not conrtol the mind? : Controlling the mind means controlling the contact with outside world. We must continue contacting the world.Action is insignia of life while in action is death. You have to act.

So the question is really how do you act? The body performs the action. When i am writing this article , it is an action.When you are reading this blog, you are performing an action.

But all that said, my body cannot come here and write this by itself. There is something other than the body that propels it, and compels it to act. What is it? - Intellect

What is Intellect? : You are not taught this in school and universities. You were not taught this by your parents when you were a child. We are all left high and dry in the world with out knowing that which enables us to act in the world. It is like being blind folded , so learn this today.

You have two equipemets and one is the mind and one is the intellect. The mind consists of emotions, feelings ,likes and dislikes since childhood. The intellect on the other hand is for reasoning. You have just never bothered to deal with it.

In astrological perspective also, to check one's mental and psychological strength , it is imperative to understand ones position of moon and mercury in his natal birth chart. Moon represents Mind while Mercury represents Intellect. No where in astrological text it mentioned to check position of Jupiter for mental and psychological strength. Jupiter represents Knowledge. But why it is not considered. Knowledge will not help you in distress. Intellect will help when you face a distress.It will like an SOS help.

Difference between Intellect and Intelligence :

What you all know is Intelligence.

Intelligence is knowledge.

You gain intelligence from external agencies like teachers, text books, from schools, universities. That knowledge and information provide you with intelligence. No amount of intelligence can make upwith intellect. It is impossible. They are two different wavelengths.

You need an intellect to help you handle the faculties of the mind, for it is mind that troubles you and destroys your peace. It is nothing else.

The real value of intelligence is to help you make a living.

You might go to university to gain the knowledge, so that you can make a living.

Millons of doctors have passed through medical school, but one guy found out how to transplant a living heart; one guy found the cure for tuberculosis. How about that ? Those men had intellect besides intelligence.

With the intellect you have to fix an ideal. And an ideal requires working beyond yourself. You can work for your family or for the community, or for the country or even for all living creatures.

The higher the ideal, the greater the initiative to work. The problem is that people dont have ideals or a higher focus and there is no initiative for them to come to work. They work instead through incentives.

If you donot find rest in action, you will never find rest by getting away from action.

You also need intellect for 3Cs viz

1) Concentration

2) Consistency

3) Cooperation

What is concentration? You will reply focus? So what is focus? No body knows what concentration is. They go about in circles. It just became Herd instinct.

Concentration : Human mind has the tendency to slip in to the worries of the past or the anxities for the future. Every body's mind including mine. Concentration is keeping the mind on the present job and not allowing it to slip. This can be achieved through intellect.

Consistency :If you don't have consistency you will fail. If Virat Kohli plays cricket for one month, baseball for a second month, and football for a third month, you can probably beat him! You have to be consistent with what you are doing-all your actions must flow in one direction. Only the intellect can keep you on the direction you have set.

Coperation: If you dont have intellect you will have superiority or inferiority complex. We are all spokes in the wheel of life and no body is important and no body is unimportant.Who is important? A person who supplies drinking water to your house or the person who sits in the White House? For a week or more you can probably do with out the person who sits in the white house, but not the person who supplies drinking water to your house. You need intellect to understand that we are all spokes in the wheel of life.

Faculties of the mind and how to handle it ?

Mind has a tendency of likes and dislikes. One likes cocktail drinks while another guy likes only water. When Pure vegetarian Indians reach United states, they need rice and dal , but foreigners preferably like non vegetarian dishes.

A man goes to court to divorce his wife and he finds great pleasure in getting rid of her, another guy is desperately waiting to marry the same lady. This happens everywhere including in Love. The lady provides joy to one,sorrow to another.

It is not in the object or in the being-it is how you relate to it

Your liking is not permanent : What is pleasant to you in the begining is not so in the end. Junk food is pleasant in the beginning but not so much in the end. You donot like exercise and you avoid it, but it becomes a problem later. What you like is detrimental , what you dont like is benefitial. This is not to say that you should not do what you like-I am only asking that you examine whether it is proper.

Mind has a tendency to ramble: It rambles in to worries of the past and anxities for the future. That tires you. Action doesnot tires you.Action can never tire you.

If stress is conituing for very long period,it might lead to Anxiety disorder. Most people suffering anxiety disorder may get panic attacks. Very good Medicines are there in psychiatry. But most of the problems of mind should be solved through wisdom of upanishad. You just boost your Intellect. It will heal your mind. Never try to control your mind directly. It is antidose treatment.In astrology also when one planet is giving problems,. we find out counteracting planet which will balance the doshas of the conflicting planet.


Abhishek Kumar Yadav
Abhishek Kumar Yadav
Mar 28, 2022

This is very helpful article for everyone either youth or elder. Thank you so much for this article.

Mar 28, 2022
Replying to

Thank you so much for having a appreciating heart which is very difficult to win


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